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Information is the only thing which is necessary in all fields and the foremost important thing is that the storage of Information. Today, the world is now becoming digital world or technical world. Further, Information is also may become technical, means Information can be store in one software which can be easily commenced by any person. Every Company or Business Man require all the information in his computer so that they can make the process very smooth and easily monitor the process but most of the available software are only accounting based and difficult to operate so it does not full the all requirements of your business. For this purpose, Smart Capita, complete software, which can be operated by any common people and full fill the all requirement of your business, has launched by Nicole Infosoft Pvt. Ltd. As per our commitment to provide world class IT solution common people, Smart Capita is one of the biggest steps in that direction.

Smart Capita can be used for any kind of business without any expert help. With the help of Smart Capita, you can change all of your manual work or paper work into digital format. It can be used for any kind of business. As we know that most of the available ERP Software are very complicated, difficult to operate & very costly. We always need an expert person to use it. Nicole Infosoft has made all business processes very easy by launching ERP Software called Smart Capita.

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As per our understanding Any Businessman must have following IT Solutions to run his Business optimally::


Use Just One Software to Manage Everything

Your Own Ecommerce /Company Website
Mobile Application of Own Ecommerce website
CRM- Sales & Lead Management
Mobile Application of CRM with GPS Tracking
HR Management- Attendance & Salary Management
Offline Billing & Accounting Software
Online Billing & Accounting Software
Mobile Application Of Software
Domain & Server

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