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Privacy Policy


Privacy is the base of trust between you and Smart Capita. You Data is 100% Secure & Safe.

Complete confidentiality is maintained with Smart Capita and it is assured that company will not intentionally misuse customer information. The information is strictly for an excellent collaboration of you and us for better business for today and tomorrow. The information collected from the registration form that is presented to users when they choose to register may include contact information such as the user's name, gender, e-mail address, contact details, postal address, profession and country or business related information such as business transaction, customer detail, financial information etc.

Information collected by Site during registration also includes but is not restricted to Software. The Site reserves the right to use the user information collected during the registration process or otherwise to use for carrying out its own analysis and research. The Site also reserves the right to provide this information to its business partners / relevant third party for any consideration, including monetary gains. The Site also reserves the right to contact the user based upon the information provided. This contact may be initiated by any of the possible means on the basis of the information provided by the user at registration or through any other mode of contact. Any user not agreeable to the aforementioned policy shall not register himself / herself with the site.

We have location tracking feature but it is completely optional, customer can deny location tracking feature any time. we keep all location related data confidential and don’t share with any other company.

Registering with the site or by the way of filling up any form requiring user information, the user is deemed to have agreed to this privacy policy of the Site. The terms of this privacy policy are subject to change from time to time without any prior notice.

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